Frequently Asked Questions

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In order to provide the best value for your money we now offer you three estimates in one!

    • Bronze: Exterior Cleaning of your windows includes Screen washing
    • Silver: A standard cleaning of both inside and outside windows and screens.
    • Gold: If you care about the smallest details and are looking for near perfection, this is your package!

We also offer:

Residential Window Cleaning

Minimum $175+

Commercial Window Cleaning

Requires Estimate

House Washing

Contact us for more information

Solar Panel Cleaning

Contact us for more information

Leaded Glass Cleaning

Contact us for more information

Screen Cleaning

Starting at $3 for cleaning

Hard Water Stain Removal

Starting at $12 per sash/ $20 per sliding door

Glass Shower Door restoration


Sash Rope Replacement

$25 per rope (discounts for multiple windows)

Light Window Repair

Contact us for more information

Light Bulb Replacement

Starting at $5

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Starting at $30 low fan/ $45 high fan

Chandelier Cleaning

Starting at $90


Free! Don’t forget to ask

Interior French Doors

Starting at $15 per French Door

Sun Porch/Solariums

Contact us for more information

Light Fixture Cleaning



Outside only $16, In/Out $30


95% of the time our estimate is a firm quote. The only times we change an estimate is if there is unanticipated paint or post construction cleanup, or if additional work is requested on our arrival. Even then we never raise our price without consulting you first.

Window Cleaners do not have to be licensed in the state of Massachusetts, but we are registered with the state. We do have 1,000,000 liability insurance, and all employees are bonded and covered by workman’s compensation insurance. We would be happy to email or fax a copy of our proof of insurance to you. We take our profession very seriously and are a member of the Window Cleaning Resource Association, a young, dynamic association of fellow professionals who want to continue to learn and grow their companies.

Yes! We work year round. We may require a little flexibility scheduling in the Winter months, as we need the temperature to be a minimum of 25 degrees for optimal results.

We recommend once or twice a year to maintain your windows properly.

It depends on where you live, what type of house you live in, and your personality…

Spring (March-mid-June)

Spring cleaning! Time to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. If you heat with oil or wood, you will be surprised by how much residue ends up on your glass. If you have storm windows, we can clean your windows and move your storm panels and screens into the spring position.

Summer (mid June-Mid September)

If you live in a heavily pollinated area, summer is the time to renew your view. We usually schedule our heavily pollinated areas for mid-June or later.

Fall (Mid September-Mid December

It’s feeling crisp outside and you’re likely spending more time indoors.-If you have storm panels, we can clean the windows and switch them to the winter position. Don’t forget a pre-holiday cleaning if you are hosting guests.

Winter (Mid December-March)

If you live in a passive solar home, clean windows will allow more sunlight and heat into your home. We also are on ready to get your home in shape if you are putting it on the market.

Yes, we can clean just the outsides, but we highly recommend cleaning both sides of the glass. It is very difficult to tell which side of the glass is dirty, both for us as we work, and for you as you evaluate the work. Cleaning your glass inside and out is the only way to ensure that you are getting the highest quality cleaning.

We are comfortable working in your home whether you are there or not.

We offer a Rain Guarantee! We will return for touch ups free of charge if you call within 7 days.

We will call you the morning of your appointment to assess the situation. If it is only lightly raining, we will proceed as planned. If you feel the rain has affected the quality of our work, call us within 48 hours and we will return to touch up your windows free of charge!

Normal amounts of paint cleanup are included in our estimate. However, if you have just built your home or had your house painted recently, there is a possibility that additional charges will apply. We always discuss these issues with you before proceeding.

Window cleaners often use a scraper blade to take paint and debris off the glass. On most glass manufactured before the 1990s, it is not a problem to scrape. Lately though, glass manufacturers have been cutting corners. When glass is manufactured, it goes through an oven. If all the glass dust has not been washed off the glass properly before it is “baked”, these microscopic particles become embedded permanently in the glass. Scrapers do not scratch glass, but sometimes do release the glass debris that causes the microscopic scratches. We are very experienced with this issue and take all precautions to test your glass before we begin our work.

For more information on this problem, check out this PDF

Sure, we can just clean the dirt off your windows and they will still shine, but under the dirt we may find silicone, cement, paint, plaster, or any other number of construction related materials. If your windows weren’t properly covered during construction it may take 3-4 times longer per window to clean the glass. Post construction clean up is no easy task. We are concerned about a number of complex issues related to glass quality (and the lack thereof). Whether you hire our company or another be sure they are aware of the potential glass defects that your windows may have. You just spent a fortune on your beautiful windows and you have the right to enjoy a scratch-free view.

I special order the highest quality window cleaning soap on the market. It is non toxic, biodegradable, and has a very light fragrance. Over the years, I have worked for many chemically sensitive clients using this product and have never had a problem. On occasion we do have to use chemicals for glass stain removal. These products are generally used outside of your home, and we take great care when using them. If you prefer for us not to use any chemicals on site, please let us know and we will happily find an alternative method.

Though glass shower doors add to the beauty of your bathroom, the task of keeping them clean can quickly become a headache. Hard water spots on the glass are caused by minerals found in our water, and can start to appear within months of your shower glass installation. Glass is porous and if you wait too long hard water will eventually corrode your glass! Often, over the counter cleaners will not work. Sometimes you will unknowingly scratch your glass using abrasive cleaners or pads. We have the solution! We can restore your shower glass to like-new condition! Without the use of chemicals or harsh cleaners. Everything we use is 100% non toxic. After we get your glass clear again, we will use our environmentally friendly sealer to create an invisible coating that repels water and makes maintenance a breeze.

Over 10 years ago, we were the first in the valley to invest in this high tech equipment.
What is it?
Just as your drinking water is filtered, we use a deionization system (DI) to micro filter water to levels so pure there are no contaminants! Pure water acts as a magnet that draws dirt off the glass. With a pole that reaches up to 45’, we brush the glass free of debris. Not all homes benefit from our WFP technology, but we use our WFP systems on jobs we feel will benefit from this state of the art system, at no extra cost!
The technology is simple: Take the impurities out of water and you get a spot free rinse. Our system doesn’t use soap or chemicals, only purified water, for a perfect, streak free clean!
It is a safe alternative to ladders, and the glass stays clean longer.

It sounds like your window may have a broken seal. Most windows manufactured over the past 50+ years have two panes of glass that are sealed air tight, but eventually, All seals eventually fail. As moisture enters the interior of the seal, your windows become foggy. Windows facing south or west tend to fail quicker.
If you have older Pella windows with interior energy panels they often get foggy. This is usually due to an old seal or the air vents being clogged. We will unclog the vents as we take the window apart to be cleaned, but we do not repair old or broken window seals. We can direct you to companies that offer repair services if you are interested.